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Guilde des guérisseurs

Portrait de Nev'yn

Guild of Healers: Heal-O-Ween Festival!!!

Join the Guild of Healers and the rest of the Uru/Myst community for three hours of a different sort of otherworldly event. Ghaelen has promised music and laughter, creepy costumes, with both dancing and moments of reflection.

All of this is to help stir up the healing vibrations, so share some nonsense with a beverage of your choice, plus lots of handwaving in the air for world peace. Bring your sparkers, your streamers, and noise-makers for an industrial strength dose of positive healing power for any comunity members who might need it.

As Ghaelen likes Kirel for larger events, head down to the cavern this Saturday, just before Halloween night at October 31st, 2015 from 13:00-15:00 KI-time.

On the hour, for about 5-10 minutes, she'll transition into different segments:
 * Beginning - A bit of history (gargoyles are your friends!)/Explaining the music
 * Hour 2 - Lighting up the place/Healing (in) the cavern (and the metaverse).
 * Hour 3 - A compassionate treat.

This event will also be simulcast in Second Life (Noon-3p SLT) for those of you not in the Cavern - you can also listen to the broadcast from wherever you are on:

Lastly, Ghaelen has even promised to do her Dracula voice for some final finishing touches of fun! Hope to see you down there for this fun fall festival!!!

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Octobre 31, 2015 - 13:00 - 16:00
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Guild of Healers: Fall Equinox

UPDATE: The URL for the music stream has been added (see below).

The Guild of Healers has been a familiar fixture in the cavern and in Second Life for many years...and they're going to celebrate our move into the fall season with a party!

If you'd like to join in on the festivities, head over to the Guild of Healers' Hood on Monday, September 21st at 13:00 KI time.  Music will be streamed at this URL the day of the party.

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Guild of Healers' Hood
Date de l'événement: 
Septembre 21, 2015 - 13:00 - 15:00
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Mises à jour sur la Guilde des Guérisseurs

La Guilde des Guérisseurs, un des groupes apparaissant le plus régulièrement dans la Caverne, a quelques informations à partager avec la communauté. Ils ont le plaisir d'introduire un nouveau membre de leur Guilde, qui va commencer à diriger certains de leurs événements dans la Caverne. Son nom est Crystal Dante, et elle va commencer à sonder l'intérêt présent pour les divers types de guérison qui sont en lien avec son domaine de spécialisation.

Ils vont aussi se déplacer aux forums tandis que leur présence sur les forums MO:ULa ne sera pas affectée pour les événements à venir puisqu'ils n'y publiaient que de petits messages.

Les Médidations du dimanche et les Assemblées de compassion et de soins continueront chaque deuxième et quatrième semaine. La Guilde est également en train de travailler sur quelques idées d'histoires pour la Caverne - l'une desquelles Crystal va co-guider.

Soyez attentifs pour recevoir plus de mises à jour prochainement !

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Portrait de Nev'yn

MOULA 2nd Anniversary Opening & Closing Ceremonies!

Join Ghaelen D'Lareh and the Guild of Healers in a retrospective journey through the closing, waiting, and expectations of the re-opening of the Cavern from 2010!

Through music and voice, relive this time with those explorers who experienced it. If you were there, add your thoughts and memories of the Cavern re-opening, and Ghaelen will include them in the Opening Ceremony program. The opening ceremony kicks off a week-long celebration that includes music, games and other programs. To listen via Shoutcast, please visit:

The Theme of the Opening Ceremony is A Fall through the Chasm: This will involve the loss, the waiting, the hope of a renewed cavern. It will include dedications, tributes, and a silent vigil to commemorate the loss of our home, family, and friends. In essence, we fell through the chasm, grieved, then hoped to come through the other side to a renewed place.

The Theme of the Closing Ceremony is Welcome Home!: As in previous years, we welcome those we have recently lost and those new explorers who have joined us since February of 2011. This will be a joyful ceremony as we celebrate the continuance of our home for another year and the fun of creating new memories to share next February. Following the fun-filled events of the week as it does, you can expect several rounds of /shout and /cheer.

The music, dedications, a tribute, and a vigil will take us through the days during which we lost our beloved Cavern Home. We will also remember past and recent community members who have left us and pause for a silent vigil should some explorers wish to individually visit the memorial in the Kahlo Pub. Finally, we remember the hope that someday we could go home again. That hope includes the continuance of our home well into the "current" future years. Lire la suite

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Throughout the Cavern and the D'ni Verse. (Specific locations TBA)
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Se répète toutes les semaines jusqu'au Dim Fév 12 2012 .
Février 4, 2012 - 11:00 - 13:00
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Guild of Healers - Soaking up the Age Vibes

The Guild of Healers invite you to join us in Soaking up the Age Vibes in Eder Gira. We'll explore the age a little, sit in the relaxing spa waters, and talk about a variety of healing-related topics as well as upcoming events. There will be Age-appropriate music (pun intended) and a welcoming group of people. Wink

We will soon post about age invites; if the day arrives and you don't have one please come to the GoH (Bevin) Hood.

This event will introduce explorers to the Guild of Healers, current ongoing weekly events, and allow the community to discuss the guild in a general sense. Attendees will be invited to participate in the development of a new event series called "Healing Through the Ages," designed as an IC series of events about understanding the significance of traumatic historical events in the Cavern. As we Soak up the Age Vibes we'll discuss what healing in different ages might look like, and how our community can integrate compassion for the often dark history of an Age with the benefits that same Age provides for each explorer. Soaking up the Age Vibes in Eder Gira was inspired partly by responses on The Most Healing Age Thread; some of our ongoing discussions are about the benefits of each Age for healing, relaxing, meditating, etc. I am currently working on summarizing the responses from that thread to help us in developing the event series.

Music will be provided on our Shoutcast station, KGOH (courtesy of Ashtar):

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Eder Gira
Date de l'événement: 
Mai 28, 2011 - 12:00 - 14:00
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